Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

Company: DataCentred

Job Title: CEO

Dr. Mike Kelly was an early innovator of European data centre provision and a pioneer of the North West’s Internet infrastructure, Mike developed the UK’s first Internet exchange point (IXP) outside London, during his research at The University of Manchester between 1986 and 1998. 

MaNAP launched in June 1997 and until superseded by IXManchester was for many years the only IXP outside the South East of England.  Following its launch, Mike went on to found TeleCity and create a pan-European network of data centres, which he took public in 2000.  TelecityGroup is now the largest co-location data centre company in Europe.  Mike stepped back from TeleCity in 2001 but was still keen to realise the vision for on-demand computing he held when he first established that business – a kind of ‘proto-cloud’ – being part of the data centre stack. 

Mike launched DataCentred with the ambition of delivering on that early vision – by attracting and building a team of talented engineers able to leverage the very latest technologies and deliver on these ideas of truly flexible, reliable and low-cost on-demand computing.

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