Scott Sayce

Scott Sayce

Company: CNA Hardy

Job Title: Head of Cyber, Technology and Life Science

Scott is Responsible for CNA Hardy's Cyber, Technology and Life Science underwriting, provided across the various CNA Hardy offices and Lloyds.

Cyber crime is the world’s fastest growing criminal activity, estimated to cost businesses hundreds of billions, if not more. Whilst money is one of the primary motivators for cyber criminals, other factors such as ideology, sympathy, anger and espionage are also significant drivers of cyber crime.

At CNA Hardy we offer cyber protection through our NetProtect® product line. It provides first - and third party cyber coverage to address a broad range of exposures including security breaches, mistakes and unauthorised employee acts, virus attacks, hacking, identity theft or private information loss, adulteration and contamination of stock, and infringing or disparaging content.

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