Cloud Security & IDAM Theatre

Thu 6th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

Catch an Active Cyber Attack in 5 Minutes or Less

Cyber attackers operate undetected for an average of 146 days yet obtain admin credentials in less than 3. Detecting active attacks, reducing dwell time and accelerating incident response is key. But how?

Vectra automates the hunt for hidden attacks inside campus networks, data centers and the cloud using advanced machine learning and data science to monitor internal traffic to detect active threats in real-time. Vectra correlates threats with under attack hosts, provides unique context about what attackers are doing, and prioritises the threats of greatest risk.

What you will take away from this session

  • How to empower and force multiply your security analysts through the application of artificial intelligence based security tools
  • Identify integration opportunities for incident response and defensive tools to build an intelligence driven SoC
  • Experience a live demo of Vectra's automated threat hunting platform.
  • Learn how to catch in-progress attacks, inside your network, in real-time.


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Matt Walmsley Matt Walmsley View Profile

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