Cyber Security Disruptive Technologies Theatre

Wed 5th Oct 15:40 to 16:10

Forgotten your password? Guess what.. we don't need passwords anymore.

Moving away from the password is seen as a difficult challenge for a variety of reasons, yet the desire to do so is well founded. By deploying an adaptive access control framework it has become possible to prove and maintain control of an identity without the use of passwords. Utilising true adaptive authentication techniques, SecureAuths access control framework allows an organisation to move completely away from the need for passwords, whilst maintaining an intelligent security perimeter around the identity.

What you will take away from this session

  • Why passwords alone are not enough and 2-Factor is limited.
  • By deploying adaptive (risk based) authentication and access control framework to block attacks at source allows a friction less user experience.
  • Why embracing new applications and technologies is part of todays business landscape.
  • How SecureAuth enables enterprises to securely manage access, improve user experience and stop attacks in their tracks.


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James Romer James Romer View Profile

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