Future of Threat Intelligence Theatre

Thu 6th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

Secure your Business With an Army of Vetted Ethical Hackers

Despite major investments in security staff, software and hardware, cybercrime hackers are still able to get through. To increase the protection of your IT systems and beat the hackers you have to think like a hacker.
In this session, explore how organizations can utilize trusted ethical hackers, or “Red Teams” to:

· Proactively detect, report, and help patch holes in an organization's most sensitive systems, before a criminal hacker gets there first.
· Understand how areas of weakness and subsequent exploitation relates to overall business risk, and how vulnerabilities can be prioritized for remediation.
· Gain a true understanding of how an adversary views your networks and digital applications and protect yourself proactively with a pool of the best security researchers available.

What you will take away from this session

  • Review of why current security methods are failing us today
  • Overview of modern models using man & machine to beat adversarial risk from man & machine
  • Deep dive into what is important when considering implementing a more dynamic, incentive based hacker model
  • Examples of successes using this model


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