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Thu 6th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

The Internet of Theft – Industry trends, Disrupting the Adversary and Swimming in the Tsunami of Data

A look back at security developments over the course of the year serves an important purpose for those charged with shaping enterprise security responses and strategies. In the wake of the significant breaches of 2015 / 2016 and the ever changing threat landscape, we at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security believe it’s even more important than ever that our cyber security research continues to provide an elevated perspective on the overall trends in the marketplace. Tim and ex CIO and CISO himself, highlights some of the key findings from the Ponemon Global Costs of Cyber Crime 2015 & HPE 2016 Cyber Risk Reports and gives a unique perspective on how to fight the bad guys based on his own experiences when he was in the seat.
Tim also focuses on the Business of Hacking and how the adversary is becoming more specialized and focused to steal enterprises critical assets as well as touching on how the New EU GDPR impacts organisations in Europe and what CIOs and CISOs need to do to prepare for the new regulations.

What you will take away from this session

  • In the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, the cost and complexity of regulatory pressures, and the rapid transformation of enterprise IT, how do security professionals manage risk?
  • Apps as the New Battlefield – Discover key insights into how security professionals can adjust their approach to defend not just the edge, but the interactions between users, applications and data regardless of location or device.
  • Patch or Perish – Why security teams must be more vigilant about applying patches at both the enterprise and individual user level.
  • Monetization of Malware - Ransomware attacks targeting the enterprise and individuals are on the rise, how do security professionals avoid the loss of sensitive data?


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