Future of Threat Intelligence Theatre

Thu 6th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

Using Predictive Detectors to Track Attackers

Whether targeted or opportunistic, online threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and evasive. However, unlike attack vectors, the infrastructures used to launch the malicious campaigns cannot be concealed.

But what if one could use the analysis of DNS traffic to reveal these infrastructures and turn this information into threat intelligence used not only to protect, but also to predict the next moves of attackers?

OpenDNS has built such a technology and this session, which includes real world examples, will explain the details of its predictive approach, which tackles the malware from an infrastructure perspective and overtakes the limitations of traditional technologies.

What you will take away from this session

  • It is possible to use the large scale intelligence to mitigate Advanced Threats, whether they are targeted or opportunistic.
  • It is possible to pivot through the infrastructures used by criminals, discover where the attacks are staged, and block them before they are launched on a large scale
  • The protection is extremely simple to enforce since it leverages the ubiquity of the DNS protocol.
  • The protection can be seamlessly extended outside the physical perimeter of the organization.


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