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Thu 6th Oct 14:20 to 14:50

IoT Interoperability: any sensor, any protocol and any cloud

The IoT Ecosystem involve different companies from a wide range of sectors. For this reason interoperability is the key to success for any company that wants to play an important role in IoT sector. Companies are searching not only accuracy but also an easy adaptability to any new solution that appears on the market as we are living the authentic IoT revolution. Libelium platforms are horizontals an able to operate with any kind of sensor, communication protocol and also cloud platform.

What you will take away from this session

  • IoT customers are noy ready to commit to just one technology producer or set of sensors; they want to have all the possibilities instead of forecasting which technology will be the best one in the following years
  • Big players are realizing that the IoT market is not going to be dominated by a single company. We still see new connectivity standards, new sensor devices, new cloud platforms being developed day by day
  • Interoperability is specially interesting for Smart Cities Managers that want to be able to change their cloud service provider or even device provider some years after the investment if the solution is not suitable to new citizens needs. If the wireless technology or the quality of devices are not working as expected, they should be able to switch
  • The importance of validating technology with real experience in the field


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