IoT Theatre

Wed 5th Oct 15:00 to 16:00

5 hot start-ups from EIT Digital Accelerator

Varaani - Hybrid personal cloud combining the best of cloud and local storage

Speaker: Kimmo Lahdensivu, CEO, Varaani

Synopsis: Varaani is a Finnish high-technology award-winning company building care-free personal storage solutions. It’s combining the benefits of local storage with the ubiquity of the cloud storage into one seamless user experience. It’s fast and it’s NSA free, but it’s still safe as we are backing up everything to the cloud in encrypted form. It’s affordable as Varaani has patented technology to provide the hybrid cloud with 90% less data center costs compared to anyone else.


Cryptalk - Secure calling and messaging service to protect communication from eavesdroppers

Speaker: Szabolcs Kun, CEO, CryptTalk

Synopsis: CryptTalk is a VoIP communication service operating similarly to Skype or Viber - the main difference is that calls made using CryptTalk are completely secure from eavesdroppers. CryptTalk hinders the interception of users’conversations by using the most advanced encryption and authentication technologies. It has been created so that calls cannot be deciphered even if the interceptor had access to the source code of the application and administrator access to the central servers. The security of the solution has been proven by several ethical hacking attempts, most importantly it has passed the security review of the NCC Group with zero findings. The solution provides peer-to-peer communication with end-to-end encryption and provides maximum security without the need for any special hardware. The multi-award winning service is easy to use, provides superior sound quality, comprehensive enterprise features and available worldwide.


Qarnot - Free heating and cheaper computing power with the Q.rad digital heater

Speaker: Hélène Legay, Marketing & Communication Manager, Qarnot

Synopsis: At Qarnot, we heat people for free with computers. Qarnot created the first computing heater using CPUs as a heat source. Without datacenter, cloud computing is dispatched into buildings heated for free. Qarnot is the greenest and cheapest cloud platform.


Julie Desk – Meet Julie, your scheduling assistant built on Artificial Intelligence

Speaker : Pierre Louis Mauler, Business Developer, Julie Desk

Synopsis: Scheduling meeting is a time-consuming task: back-and-forth emailing to find a date that suits everyone, cancellations ... Managers and business executives spend about half a day per week on this low value task! What if you could easily delegate it? Julie Desk is a virtual assistant built on Artificial Intelligence who schedules all your meetings, calls, appointements: just CC Julie in your emails and she will reply and converse with your contacts to arrange a meeting according to your preferences. Come and see how Julie works and help you save time and gain productivity!


Digiflak - Secure and Privacy-aware E- authentication and Digital Identity Management

Speaker: Maxim Kostin, CEO, Digiflak

Synopsis: We make Flak Secuters - all-in-one security devices, which are designed to protect the sensitive data or information of end users and companies. We help users and companies to protect computer-held data against damaging breaches by securing mobile workers’ digital keys, passwords and certificates in a safe, separate hardware environment. Devices are based on a dedicated Flak chipset hardware and Se(curit)OS firmware.

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