IoT Theatre

Wed 5th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

Disrupt yourself, before being disrupted

With evolving business models, new competitors are on the rise. Understand how you can start rethinking your business, leveraging IoT. A piece of “IoT technology” will not change your business – it’s the digitisation journey, using IoT technology, paired with ‘Design Thinking’ which will lead you to a successful future in the idea economy. Discover how really traditional companies have had to re-think their business and then successfully outperformed their markets – including some key insights on their endeavours.

What you will take away from this session

  • Developing new business models, leveraging IoT
  • Disrupting yourself (before it’s done by others)
  • Ways to start thinking outside the box
  • Today’s thinking will not make your tomorrow successful


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Matthias Roese Matthias Roese View Profile

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