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Thu 6th Oct 13:20 to 14:10

PANEL: The Future of Data Analytics

It has been said that in the 21st Century that “Data is the new oil” but exactly how true is that proving to be. There is no doubt that organisations who can get a head start in realising the true value of their data will have a major advantage however most companies’ data analytics journeys have only just started and expectations are often overly optimistic. This session will explore the true state of data analytics and where it is actually going over the next 18 months.

Chair: Dr Aida Mehonic, ASI
Charles Adriaenssens, Splunk
David Spezia, Tableau
Dean J. Marsh, IBM

What you will take away from this session

  • Does every business need a data strategy?
  • What are the benefits of becoming a data-driven business?
  • What return can you realistically expect from the first 18 months of adopting data analytics strategy?
  • Is the vast quantity of data expected from new trends like IoT going to help or hinder data strategies in the future?


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Charles Adriaenssens Charles Adriaenssens View Profile
David Spezia David Spezia View Profile
Dean J. Marsh Dean J. Marsh View Profile
Dr Aida Mehonic Dr Aida Mehonic View Profile

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