Ade Taylor

Ade Taylor

Company: Palo Alto Networks

Job Title: Technical Director

Ade has worked in a range of technical, management and strategy roles across multiple industries in public and private sector as both a customer and supplier of technology. More than half of Ade’s 25 year career has been in specialist security roles and has spanned the early days of mainframe and network security, through the proliferation of personal computing and the widespread adoption of the internet as a business tool, giving him a unique perspective on the huge challenges of securing today’s mobile and “app” driven economy, together with the morphing of hacking from an intellectual pastime to a globally organised criminal endeavour via the mischief making of the early 90s, all in the context of the original boom, to the mature environment of today’s online world

Ade Taylor Seminars

  • Hidden Threats - how encryption came back to bite us Thu 6th Oct 13:00 - 13:30

    Hidden Threats - how encryption came back to bite us

    Now that businesses have managed to make the vast majority of their internet transactions with users secure, we've started working on ways to make parts of it insecure again so we can check it for threats. It's not easy to do - we've created an emerging Industry to fix the thing we fixed.


    Ade Taylor

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 13:00 to 13:30

    Cyber Attack, Remediation & Mitigation

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