Adrian Brookes

Adrian Brookes

Company: Avaya

Job Title: Corporate Solutions Technologist, Enterprise Business Solutions & Software Defined Architecture, Worldwide Sales


Adrian is a dedicated professional who has experience of working at senior management level (e.g. IT Director/C Level interaction for the past 28 years globally) innovating, directing, and leading organisations to adopt different ways of working to achieve their business goals primarily through the use of emerging technology.
Adrian is a team player with proven experience of establishing and managing successful global and ‘niche’ (focussed) pre & post sales teams. He has the ability to lead engagement teams in high-tech sales, both direct and in-direct routes to market. He has credibility in terms of coaching, technical capability, motivational, innovative and strategic thinking.
Adrian has a proven record in accurate forecasting, resource management, engagement management, delivery, and with transformational / restructuring experience.
He pocesses great commercial awareness to help build the business case for client projects in partnership with the sales account team(s) and or channel teams. Adrian has been very successful in translating customer requirements into commercially viable solutions in order to secure profitable client business through the sales teams

Adrian Brookes Seminars

  • How do you stop the cyber curve ball? Thu 6th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    How do you stop the cyber curve ball?

    Once they are in they are in…." - this was very much true of the US hack a year or so ago, much of their success in hacking this network was down to the ease at which they we able to move around and gather intelligence. What is needed, in conjunction with the everyday tools, is the ability to restrict the lateral movement by deploying segmentation.
    This session will show how Avaya addresses this concern through its ability to secure the everywhere perimeter.


    Adrian Brookes

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Cloud & Network Infrastructure

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