Chad Armitstead

Chad Armitstead

Company: Puppet

Job Title: Senior Technical Solutions Engineer

Salt Lake City, Utah originally produced Chad and now he works for Puppet in the UK. He’s been a systems engineer for small wild-west startups as well as big enterprises blessed with large change boards. His engineering, consulting and scrum master experience give him insight into getting DevOps cultural alchemy right so that bigger doesn’t have to equal slower.

In his current role as a senior technical solutions engineer, he helps companies understand and use Puppet in their operations toolchains and continuous delivery pipelines.

Chad Armitstead Seminars

  • Continuous Delivery: DevOps Holy Grail Wed 5th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Continuous Delivery: DevOps Holy Grail

    4:30 pm, Friday. The CTO says “please deploy the latest version to production.” Look around. Who’s relaxing with a beer, who’s sweating, who’s closing their laptop and backing slowly out the door? What you see is how continuous your delivery is.

    Almost every company wants what CD promises: faster time to market, higher quality, lower costs, better products and happier teams. Some organizations have achieved a fully automated CD pipeline. For others, CD remains an elusive holy grail.

    What is continuous delivery? How is it different from continuous deployment and continuous integration? Why is it so hard to achieve?

    In this talk, we’ll discuss what continuous delivery is, its components and how to start building a culture that can make it happen.


    Chad Armitstead

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    Time / Place

    Wed 5th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Continuous Delivery

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