Chris Swan

Chris Swan

Company: CSC

Job Title: CTO for Global Infrastructure Services


Chris Swan is CTO for Global Infrastructure Services at CSC, where he directs the vision, strategy and architecture for CSC’s infrastructure and managed services portfolios including cloud, workplace, data center, platform and service management. Chris also leads CSC's shift towards infrastructure as code and being a data driven delivery organisation. He has previously held CTO and Director of R&D roles at Cohesive Networks, UBS, Capital SCF and Credit Suisse, where he worked on app servers, compute grids, security, mobile, cloud, networking and containers.

Chris Swan Seminars

  • PANEL: The Future of DevSecOps Thu 6th Oct 12:20 - 13:20

    PANEL: The Future of DevSecOps

    DevOps is on a high speed trajectory to help enterprises automate and manage their software supply chains, whether in finance, government, technology, manufacturing or health industries. Where does this leave security? Join us for a discussion of how security must be included in any automated software solution, starting from the planning stages through deployment.

    Chair: Mark Miller, Sonatype
    Shannon Lietz, DevSecOps Leader
    Chris Swan, CSC


    Chris Swan

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    Mark Miller

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    Shannon Lietz

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 12:20 to 13:20

    Cyber Security Keynote

  • PANEL: Infrastructure 2025 – How many of 2016’s buzzwords can survive the “Jargon Bin”? Thu 6th Oct 15:00 - 15:30

    PANEL: Infrastructure 2025 – How many of 2016’s buzzwords can survive the “Jargon Bin”?

    Due to the unrelenting pace of change the IT Sector, more so than any other, is awash with industry jargon, overcomplicated terminology and acronyms. However, how many of these are still likely to be talked about in 2025?  Watch a panel of experts decide which buzzwords are worth all the hype and which need to be consigned to the “Jargon Bin”.

    Chair: Chris Swan, CSC
    Ant Stanley, Cloud Expert
    Colin Humphreys, Pivotal
    Joe Baguley, VMware
    Steve O'Donnell, G4S


    Ant Stanley

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    Chris Swan

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    Colin Humphreys

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    Joe Baguley

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    Steve O’Donnell

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 15:00 to 15:30


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