Dean J. Marsh

Dean J. Marsh

Company: IBM Analytic Solutions

Job Title: Vice President, Client Success - Technical Sales

Dean is a 30 year veteran of IBM and has held numerous executive level positions in Software Development, Marketing, and Sales.

Dean joined IBM in 1985 as a software developer in Cary, NC. During his tenure in Cary and RTP, Dean contributed to the development of the OS/2 operating system, led the IBM User Interface Design Team, and spearheaded IBM’s initial push into Media and Entertainment.

Dean joined the Information Management team in 1996, leading the delivery of Digital Library implementations across Cultural and Educational institutions including the Vatican Library, The Hermitage Museum, the National Gallery of Art, Dreamworks SKG, Telstar Records, and the University of Minnesota Archie Givens collection of African-American Literature.

Based in San Jose, CA and continuing in Information Management, Dean led the Strategic Alliance for DB2 with SAP AG.

In 2001, Dean moved to Boston and joined Lotus Software as Director of Product Management. As a strategic initiative, Dean created and led the Lotus Messaging and Collaboration Competitive Sales team, reversing declining revenue and market share trends for Lotus Notes and Domino.

Dean’s involvement in Cloud Computing began 7 years ago with Tivoli Software, where he managed the Technical Support team responsible for the Cloud Service Management layer.  From 2010 through 2012, Dean was responsible for Cloud Infrastructure Sales for IBM’s Systems and Technology Group.  For the past two years, Dean has led the corporate wide Cloud Growth Initiative for IBM, overseeing the sales of over $7B.

In April of 2015, Dean was named to lead the Technical Sales team for IBM analytic solutions; a broad portfolio of tools to help clients assess and manage Financial Risk, Counter Fraud, Predictive Analytics, Asset Management and Engineering design for the Internet of Things.

Dean J. Marsh Seminars

  • Digital Intelligence in a Cognitive World Thu 6th Oct 11:00 - 11:30

    Digital Intelligence in a Cognitive World

    Digital intelligence, derived from information and insight, is the true source of competitive advantage. A cognitive business needs people who can access, analyze and use every kind of data from any source, so everyone can find new ways to improve business processes. And that can give people more of what they value most—time. Time to think. And in a cognitive business, people can use that time to learn and do more than ever before by working with technology to ask inherently different questions; convert novel insights into actionable ideas; and develop new, more profitable business models. This session will explore the emerging field of Cognitive Computing and discuss the looming transformation offered by digital intelligence.


    Dean J. Marsh

    Dean J. MarshMore

    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 11:00 to 11:30

    Data Analytics

  • PANEL: The Future of Data Analytics Thu 6th Oct 13:20 - 14:10

    PANEL: The Future of Data Analytics

    It has been said that in the 21st Century that “Data is the new oil” but exactly how true is that proving to be. There is no doubt that organisations who can get a head start in realising the true value of their data will have a major advantage however most companies’ data analytics journeys have only just started and expectations are often overly optimistic. This session will explore the true state of data analytics and where it is actually going over the next 18 months.

    Chair: Dr Aida Mehonic, ASI
    Charles Adriaenssens, Splunk
    David Spezia, Tableau
    Dean J. Marsh, IBM


    Charles Adriaenssens

    Charles AdriaenssensMore

    David Spezia

    David SpeziaMore

    Dean J. Marsh

    Dean J. MarshMore

    Dr Aida Mehonic

    Dr Aida Mehonic More

    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 13:20 to 14:10


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