Dr Jon Machtynger

Dr Jon Machtynger

Company: IBM

Job Title: Executive IT Specialist, Cloud Advisor

Jon Machtynger is an Executive IT Cloud Advisor in IBM's cloud division.  With a practical understanding of cloud trends, technologies and practices, he helps clients adopt and transition to the cloud.  Jon earned his Ph.D in Cognitive Science from University College London and is the RAEng Visiting Professor in AI and Cloud Innovation at Surrey University.  In a similar vein to his previous role as CTO for IBM's Collaboration business and with many years of experience as an IT architect across numerous industries, he ensures that strategic discussions have a pragmatic foundation.   Over his time at IBM, Jon has led initiatives around collaborative platforms, organisational adoption and leadership development.

Jon is a Member of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

Dr Jon Machtynger Seminars

  • PANEL: The Future of Cloud Wed 5th Oct 13:20 - 14:10

    PANEL: The Future of Cloud

    Cloud computing forms at least part of almost everyone’s technology plans but what next? We have assembled an incredible panel of some of the world’s finest minds on cloud to help you understand what is coming next from the major vendors, the innovation coming through the start-up space and how your organisation should really be harnessing the mind boggling array of technologies now at your fingertips?  The objective is for you to leave this session with a clear roadmap from the very people shaping the cloud.

    Chair: Glen Robinson, Leading Edge Forum
    Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure
    Matt McNeill, Google
    Colin Humphreys, Pivotal
    Dr Jon Machtynger, IBM


    Colin Humphreys

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    Dr Jon Machtynger

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    Glen Robinson

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    Mark Russinovich

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    Matt McNeill

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    Wed 5th Oct 13:20 to 14:10


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