Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky

Company: Kaspersky Lab

Job Title: CEO and Chairman

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Eugene Kaspersky is a world-renowned cybersecurity expert and successful entrepreneur. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately-held vendor of endpoint protection and cybersecurity solutions.

Eugene began his career in cybersecurity accidentally when his computer became infected with the ‘Cascade’ virus in 1989. Eugene’s specialized education in cryptography helped him analyze the encrypted virus and understand its behavior and then develop a removal tool for it. After successfully removing the virus, Eugene’s curiosity and passion for computer technology drove him to start analyzing more malicious programs and developing disinfection modules for them. This exotic collection of anti-virus modules would eventually become the foundation for Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus database. Today the database is one of the most comprehensive and complete collections in cybersecurity, detecting and preventing systems from being infected by more than 100 million malicious programs.

Further pursuing his passion for defensive technologies, in 1990 Eugene started gathering a team of like-minded enthusiast researchers to create the AVP Toolkit Pro antivirus program, which four years later was recognized by the University of Hamburg as the most effective antivirus software in the world.

Wishing to combine their successful track record of antivirus programming with their entrepreneurial vision, Eugene and his colleagues decided to establish their own independent company. In 1997 Kaspersky Lab was founded, with Eugene heading the company’s antivirus research. In 2007 he was named Kaspersky Lab’s CEO.

Today Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors worldwide, operating in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company employs approximately 3,000 professionals and IT security specialists in dedicated regional offices across 30 countries and its cybersecurity technologies protect over 300 million users worldwide.

Eugene has earned a number of international awards for his technological, scientific and entrepreneurial achievements. He was voted the World’s Most Powerful Security Execby SYS-CON Media in 2011, awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Plymouth University in 2012, and named one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s 2012 Top Global Thinkers for his contribution to IT security awareness on a global scale.

Eugene Kaspersky Seminars

  • Judgment Day for Critical Infrastructure Wed 5th Oct 11:00 - 11:30

    Judgment Day for Critical Infrastructure

    Since the 1970s, a digital revolution has been rocking the world. It has revolutionised the way people and businesses communicate and do business. It has also triggered a massive increase in productivity due to automation. Today we all depend on digital infrastructure. Embedded computers are everywhere; they’re increasingly connected and exchanging data. The problem is they’re not immune to cyberattacks. In his presentation, Eugene Kaspersky will outline his view of the cyberthreat landscape we face, and describe his vision for how to make our digital eco-system safe and secure.


    Eugene Kaspersky

    Eugene KasperskyMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 5th Oct 11:00 to 11:30

    Cyber Security Keynote

  • PANEL: The Future of Cyber Security Wed 5th Oct 12:20 - 13:10

    PANEL: The Future of Cyber Security

    Is it even possible to ever be fully secure? What are the very latest attack vectors? Everyone says their technology is the solution you need – what is the true picture? To help you answer these questions and many others we have assembled what is probably the finest collection of cyber security experts in the world. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get access to the most current thinking and truly understand what the future has in store for us all.

    Chair: Rory Cellan Jones
    Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Labs
    James Lyne, Sophos
    Joshua Corman, Sonatype
    Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro


    Eugene Kaspersky

    Eugene KasperskyMore

    James Lyne

    James LyneMore

    Joshua Corman

    Joshua CormanMore

    Rik Ferguson

    Rik FergusonMore

    Rory Cellan Jones

    Rory Cellan JonesMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 5th Oct 12:20 to 13:10


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