Gaurav Bali

Gaurav Bali

Company: Lenovo

Job Title: UK&I Hyper-Converged Sales Manager


In his current role, Gaurav serves Lenovo's channel partner and customers across the UK&I, by helping facilitate conversations around HyperConvered solutions and Web Scale infrastructure; Gaurav has worked in the Storage and Hyper Converged Sales business for over 9 years, specialising in Highly Available, Virtualised and flexible Infrastructure solutions.

Gaurav promotes IT simplification and is keen to help organisations re-modelling their infrastructure to be more agile, scalable and resilient.

Gaurav Bali Seminars

  • Why is Lenovo’s Nutanix Solution, the magic bullet we've all been waiting for? Thu 6th Oct 14:20 - 12:50

    Why is Lenovo’s Nutanix Solution, the magic bullet we've all been waiting for?

    Traditional Three-Tier IT Infrastructure is under attack from the latest generation of enterprise solutions. These solutions range from Hyper Converged/Web-Scale Solutions, Software Defined Solutions, Cloud, all FLASH arrays, etc. As the scenario plays out, leading solutions are already starting to emerge from this on-going onslaught on the way business store information. This session aims to start a two-way conversation around the Hyper Converged solutions and will explore why some of the IT Leaders are investing very heavily in Hyper Converged technology over the other solutions.


    Gaurav Bali

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 14:20 to 12:50

    Webscale IT: Journey to Enterprise Cloud

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