Gavin Millard

Gavin Millard

Company: Tenable Network Security

Job Title: EMEA Technical Director

Gavin has worked with medium and large enterprises to help them address their technology and process challenges. Trained as an ethical hacker, Gavin’s deep understanding of how attackers approach a breach has empowered him to help hundreds of companies achieve and maintain a trusted state for their IT infrastructure. Gavin is a respected thought leader, commenting publicly and speaking about best practices, breach resolution, metric based security and operational efficiency.
Prior to joining Tenable, Gavin spent 9 years with Tripwire Inc. as the EMEA Technical Director, running the systems engineering team, helping drive product roadmaps and working closely with customers to maximize their investment in security. Before Tripwire, Gavin worked in the EMEA security channel with Computerlinks, consulting on emerging security technologies.

Gavin Millard Seminars

  • Finding the weakest link in your Attack Path Wed 5th Oct 15:00 - 15:30

    Finding the weakest link in your Attack Path

    With continuous asset discovery, integrations into threat intelligence feeds, and increased telemetry data from the end points, our ability to understand, manage and reduce the attack surface should be better than ever. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in many research papers and headline grabbing breaches, many appear to be doing a poor job at addressing risks in a timely manner. Join Gavin Millard, EMEA Technical Director at Tenable, who will highlight some of the key problems in appropriately managing vulnerabilities and share experiences in working on large projects to drive improvements to critical controls.


    Gavin Millard

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    Time / Place

    Wed 5th Oct 15:00 to 15:30

    Future of Threat Intelligence

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