Grant Hodgkinson

Grant Hodgkinson

Company: Mimecast

Job Title: CIO and VP of Digital Business Operations


Grant joined Mimecast in 2008 as Business Development Director in South Africa, leading the development of the channel sales model in that region. He relocated to London in June 2012 to help build the global product management team. Today Grant has overall responsibility for the Digital Business Operations group ensuring that Mimecast's systems support our growth.

Grant started his career in IT early – undertaking the development of software applications while obtaining a finance and business degree. Prior to joining Mimecast, Grant built an IT professional services firm specializing in helping customers work more productively with unstructured data. He sold that business successfully to a listed entity in South Africa.

Grant Hodgkinson Seminars

  • Security threats – in email and beyond Thu 6th Oct 11:00 - 11:30

    Security threats – in email and beyond

    Mimecast processes 22 billion emails every month for 19,000+ customers. Customer #1 is Mimecast themselves, where CIO, Grant Hodgkinson, has to remain one step ahead of the adversaries. These threats go way beyond email, as they do for any other organization. During this session, Grant will provide a view into the security threats his team faces – in email and beyond – and how they have developed a strategy to combat existing and new threats facing today’s global cloud infrastructure.

    Grant will also share his views on how to engage cloud and cloud security providers as many organizations are grappling with the difficult transition to pivot to this technology model.


    Grant Hodgkinson

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 11:00 to 11:30

    Cloud & Network Infrastructure

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