James Kretchmar

James Kretchmar

Company: Akamai Technologies Inc.

Job Title: CTO EMEA

James Kretchmar is Chief Technology Officer for Akamai's Europe, Middle East & Africa region and is responsible for technical strategy across the region. Previously he served as Chair of Akamai's Architecture Board, responsible for review and oversight of technical designs for Akamai's globally distributed intelligent platform, as well as providing company-wide technical guidance. Mr. Kretchmar came to Akamai from MIT in 2004 and during his tenure has also served as Architect for Akamai's Mapping and Network Management systems.  He is a published author on Network Administration and speaks several European languages.

James Kretchmar Seminars

  • Web Security Threat Landscape Field Report - What’s Really Happening Out There? Thu 6th Oct 15:00 - 15:30

    Web Security Threat Landscape Field Report - What’s Really Happening Out There?

    This talk will give insights into large scale, real-world attack campaigns that target the top web sites on the Internet. The Akamai Threat Research Team analyzes 20TB of attack data and 3 trillion log lines – every day looking for patterns and new attack campaigns. During the session, we will look at the attack data to see what types of attacks are being leveraged against organizations to provide a greater understanding of the threats posed. We will take a deep dive at the motivations and rationale behind these attacks as well as the tools, methods and data behind these attacks.


    James Kretchmar

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 15:00 to 15:30

    Cyber Security Keynote

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