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  • How do you spot the insider threat? Wed 5th Oct 14:20 - 14:50

    How do you spot the insider threat?

    Insiders are the new malware. Nearly every major security breach starts with an insider, or an attacker using an insider’s credentials.
    2015 was a remarkable year for insider threats. It’s estimated that the average organisation suffered from 3.8 insider attacks last year and 45% of businesses can’t tell if they’ve suffered a breach. In order to combat the insider threat, organisations need to shift their focus from the perimeter to their data itself.
    Organisations have to face the new reality that it is not a matter of if they will be breached, but when they will be breached. Attackers are already inside – either rightfully as an employee or contractor, or through legitimate but compromised credentials as an outside hacker. Their presence on a network wouldn’t necessarily look suspicious to IT, but their activity would likely appear anomalous. Still, users’ behaviour on many internal systems is rarely monitored or analysed.

    This session will review a User Behaviour Analytics methodology for connecting disparate sets of data to detect signs of a breach, arrest the actions, and recover from the incident.


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    Wed 5th Oct 14:20 to 14:50

    Cyber Threat Protection

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