Laurence James

Laurence James

Company: NetApp EMEA

Job Title: Products, Alliances & Solutions Manager


Laurence is responsible for driving market awareness for NetApp’s products across Northern EMEA. His focus is on business growth and aligning NetApp’s offerings with customer and market needs.
Laurence works across all of NetApp’s product areas and has an in-depth understanding of diverse customer requirements to deliver value across the entire range of the product suite. Working with a dedicated and experienced team, he assists in developing and implementing campaigns that support the positioning of NetApp’s products and its reputation.
Laurence has many years’ experience working with all aspects of enterprise IT and held roles at Oracle, Sun Microsystems and StorageTek. For nearly 20 years, he was also an IT consultant at the Met Office.

Laurence James Seminars

  • All Flash DataCentre – Myth or Reality? Thu 6th Oct 15:00 - 15:30

    All Flash DataCentre – Myth or Reality?

    Will the All-Flash Data Center become a practical reality? The first wave of flash was driven by spectacular performance gains, however, it has been used sparingly due to high cost. This year Flash capacities will become larger than disk drives and new lower pricing will make flash viable for mainstream applications. Flash management savings will drive greater flash adoption. In this session we will explore the possibilities for the All Flash Data Center


    Laurence James

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 15:00 to 15:30

    Storage & Data Management

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