Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Company: Sirius

Job Title: CEO

Mark is Founder and CEO of Sirius, and a veteran of the Open Source world.
Founded in 1998, Sirius is now the UK's Open Source flagship, serving Central and Local Government, Big Business, and the NHS with massive and innovative Open Source solutions.

In 2004 Mark founded the Open Source Consortium, which he lead as President for the first 4 years bringing Open Source Advocacy front and centre to the Government of the day.

After resigning from the OSC Mark acted in an advisory role to George Osborne, Liam Maxwell, and the team that would bring Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data as THE central plank of the incoming Coalition Government’s Technology and Digital Policy.

From 2011 Mark chaired the Cabinet Office’s ‘New Suppliers to Government’ Working Group, instrumental in generating the new ideas leading to GCloud, the Digital Marketplace, and other breakthroughs in enabling Technology SMEs to gain a bigger share of Central and Local Government business.

In 2016 Sirius brought the first ever Open Source security product, StrongSwan, through CESG’s CPA security accreditation to have it certified for use at the highest level in Central Government, a world first.

Mark has spoken out around the world for well over a decade on the benefits of Open Source, has written numerous articles, and has been widely quoted in the press. These days he spends his time with organisation like the Food Standards Agency, Greater London Authority, GCHQ, Europol, The National Grid, RS Components, Gatwick Airport, the NHS, and many others pushing Open Source software deep into the heart of the Enterprise…

Mark Taylor Seminars

  • Cancelled Seminar- Open Source for Public Sector 101- CANCELLED Thu 6th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    Cancelled Seminar- Open Source for Public Sector 101- CANCELLED

    Open Source has transforming the tech world and has now gone from nowhere to everywhere in the Public Sector in only a few short years. In the past few years Government Policy in the UK has gone from completely misunderstanding the phenomenon to being the most enlightened of any Country, anywhere in the world.

    In this session, Mark Taylor, one of the early and key movers in this transformation, will lay out the basics and develop them into everything you need to know to understand the place Open Source is taking in the Public Sector.
    Beginning with the radical shift in Government policy, and what that means in practise. Mark will take you through a rapid tour of the key technology areas, and key Open Source technologies, that are being applied in the real world to transform Public Sector IT. Illustrated with recent and relevant case studies, you will come away with the tools you need for your own Public Sector Open Source project, or simply understand more about what you may be seeing in others.


    Mark Taylor

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    Time / Place

    Thu 6th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

    Open Source for Enterprise

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