Michael Kulchisky

Michael Kulchisky

Company: AdRem Software

Job Title: Senior Systems Engineer


With over 15 years in both the IT trench, and the Channel, Michael brings a unique and practical conversation focusing on real, tangible challenges faced by IT practitioners and IT Management Teams looking to acquire enabling software and meet their internal SLA’s and Business Continuity goals.

Michael Kulchisky Seminars

  • Strategic and Tactical Approaches to Monitoring Wed 5th Oct 14:20 - 14:50

    Strategic and Tactical Approaches to Monitoring

    This session will discuss elements of proper monitoring, discuss common monitoring pitfalls, and tuning vital Performance monitoring and Event Generation systems to meet business needs.


    Michael Kulchisky

    Michael KulchiskyMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 5th Oct 14:20 to 14:50

    Monitoring for Operations

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