Morgan Gerhart

Morgan Gerhart

Company: Imperva

Job Title: Vice President Product Marketing

Morgan Gerhart is Vice President, Product Marketing for Imperva. Mr. Gerhart has over 20 years of industry experience in product marketing, product management and as an industry analyst. Prior to joining Imperva, Mr. Gerhart was Senior Director, Products for Citrix NetScaler, and also held marketing roles with Nokia Enterprise Solutions and was a lead analyst with the Meta Group, where he specialized in the design, selection and implementation of application infrastructure. Mr. Gerhart holds a B.S. from Cornell University.

Morgan Gerhart Seminars

  • The Threat from Within: Data Breaches are an Inside Job Wed 5th Oct 15:40 - 16:10

    The Threat from Within: Data Breaches are an Inside Job

    Data shows that almost all data breaches involve a trusted insider. In some cases this is an intentionally malicious insider out to further their own ends. In other cases it may be an insider compromised by a cybercriminal. This session will explore the different ways insiders are involved in data breaches and why traditional security controls prove so ineffective against the “threat from within”. Based upon this, attendees will learn:
    •How different technologies do, and don’t, identify indicators of insider abuse
    •How to avoid “SIEM alert overload” and minimize false positives
    •The advantages of a data centric approach for identifying insider threats


    Morgan Gerhart

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    Time / Place

    Wed 5th Oct 15:40 to 16:10

    Future of Threat Intelligence

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