Niklaus H. Waser

Niklaus H. Waser

Company: IBM Watson

Job Title: Head of Watson Internet of Things - Europe & Head of Watson IoT Center - Munich

Niklaus Waser is Head for IBM’s Watson Internet of Things Business in Europe, responsible to build, lead and transform the Internet of Things Business in Europe.
In this high priority and key growth business Niklaus is driving business into a new era of cognitive, helping “clients unlock value in new insights” from the massive amount of data they generate each day.

Prior to that Niklaus has lead the Industrial Sector Germany and earlier in his career held positions, such as the Strategic Business Development for IBM Germany.
Niklaus brings along deep Industry knowledge, having built up long term service engagements and client relationships in the Petroleum, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, and Manufacturing industries in Germany and Europe.
He holds a Master in Engineering and Economics from the University of Kaiserslautern and is a passionate and experienced sailor

Niklaus H. Waser Seminars

  • IBM Watson Keynote: Cognitive Computing Wed 5th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    IBM Watson Keynote: Cognitive Computing

    The cognitive era - how Cognitive Solutions combined with the Internet of Things are transforming the physical and digital world of business

    The combination of Cognitive Solutions and the Internet of Things is fundamentally changing the way businesses create value, companies compete and partner, and consumers experience the world. The digitization of nearly everything is opening new opportunities for insight, relevance, and competitive edge. Learning manufacturing equipment can tell you when it needs maintenance, connected consumer products can tell you how people are actually using them and what’s in demand. Yet so much of the data being generated by connected devices is never captured or acted upon — it is too challenging to manage and analyze, especially in combination with other data sources. Cognitive IoT systems help you make sense of all types of data, and apply these insights to transform core business functions and customer relationships.


    Niklaus H. Waser

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    Wed 5th Oct 11:40 to 12:10


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