Raza Rizvi

Raza Rizvi

Company: activereach

Job Title: Technical Director

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Raza is co-founder and Technical Director of activereach, a leading IT networking and security consulting company. Widely respected for his technical expertise, Raza built his reputation working as Technical and Operations Director at REDNET. Raza has also held senior positions in Centrica and The Carphone Warehouse, where he assumed responsibility for Internet service provision and technical data services respectively. In 2002 he was appointed Non-Executive Director of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the world’s largest Internet Exchange, overseeing and advising on the development of the Exchange’s product portfolio. He served for 10 years, standing down in May 2012.

Raza Rizvi Seminars

  • How Do You Know if Your DDoS Mitigation Solution Will Stop a DDoS Attack? Thu 6th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    How Do You Know if Your DDoS Mitigation Solution Will Stop a DDoS Attack?

    Organisations spend thousands on DDoS protection, but how do you know if it is really going to work? A DDoS test programme is a safe and controlled way of experiencing a live DDoS attack before the actual event - allowing mitigation systems to be tuned and security staff to gain valuable insight. Join us to hear how three leading organisations including a large bank, The British Library and a critical Internet infrastructure provider successfully implemented DDoS testing. In each case, we will walk you through the set-up, the test parameters, testing procedures, results, and key lessons learned.


    Raza Rizvi

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    Thu 6th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Cyber Security Disruptive Technologies

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