Steve Liput

Steve Liput

Company: Juniper Networks

Job Title: Senior Manager, Telecom, Cable & Cloud EMEA

Steve Liput Seminars

  • Efficiency and Intelligence from SD-WAN Wed 5th Oct 15:40 - 16:10

    Efficiency and Intelligence from SD-WAN

    The enterprise WAN needs to become more efficient and intelligent. SD-WAN introduces new levels of automation and intelligence to the enterprise WAN so that applications can be routed over multiple connections. This will increase performance and reduce costs. In this presentation we will cover:

    • Use cases and benefits of SD-WAN in the enterprise
    • SD-WAN as a managed service
    • Role for cloud applications on top of SD-WAN
    • How Juniper can solve your business needs


    Steve Liput

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    Time / Place

    Wed 5th Oct 15:40 to 16:10

    Cloud & Network Infrastructure

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