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Thu 6th Oct 13:00 to 13:30

International UC2 platform deployment. Risks to overcome and lessons learned

A multinational, any undisputed global leader, requires a worldwide network of corporate telecommunications that provides efficient and economical voice, data and video communications in and between its various sites and subsidiaries.  

The technological change that has occurred with the consolidation of IP communication solutions, the need for renewal of the old systems (PBX) due to obsolescence, the growth that most of the organizations has experienced together with the arrive to the company of new employees, members of the digital generation, have prompted multinationals to establish an appropriate and coherent global communications strategy.

The companies’ headquarters need establish the same telecom strategy and networks to all their subsidiaries. To reduce costs and build synergies between subsidiaries, collaboration tools are mandatory.  The knowledge is spread around the organization. A unique Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC2) platform is the solution to improve internal communication and collaboration and provides the channels used by the digital born staff.

From wide real experience, lessons learned and risk to overcome will be commented during the session. Hits and errors will be discussed from project manager point of view.

 Why a multinational must deploy a global UC2 solution? How to select the right partner, vendor or system integrator? How can you work with local and global players at the same time? On cloud or on premise? How to select the right option?


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