Unified Communications & Collaboration Theatre

Wed 5th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

What Unified Communications Should You be Buying?

The Cloud has revolutionised IT services with its asset-light model delivering on demand infrastructures and right-sized commercial models. So why, when it comes to voice and unified communications, are organisations still investing in on-site equipment, digital trunks and handsets? Voice is lagging behind in Cloud adoption, so come and learn from Gamma the benefits and potential challenges that come with migrating to a Cloud voice solution, so you make a good decision, ensure your business needs are met and it delivers you the best value.

What you will take away from this session

  • Why all Clouds are not equal and quality is key when voice is involved
  • Hosted or Cloud – what are the differences, features and benefits of each?
  • How does mobile work with cloud voice solutions?
  • How do you migrate your voice to the Cloud?


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David Macfarlane David Macfarlane View Profile

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