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Audience Growth

2013 - 12,689 Attendees. 2014 - 13,437 Attendees. 2015 - 14,582 Attendees. 2016 - 15,512 Attendees.
In the last 3 years IP EXPO Europe has seen a staggering 22% increase in audience growth

Meet the Audience

64% of our audience have upcoming projects

Our Audience's Job Titles

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Information Officer
    Chief Technology Officer
    Data Protection Officers
    Enterprise Architect
    Finance & IT Director
    Finance Director
    General Manager
    Infrastructure Architect
    IT Director
    IT Manager
    Managing Director
    Network Analyst
    Network Architect
    Network and Security Manager
    Network Manager
    Networking Specialist
    Operations Director
    Senior Technical Specialist
    Senior Technologist
    Server Operations Manager
    Server Engineer
    Solution Architect
    Storage Architect
    Storage Specialist
    Technical Analyst
    Technical Architect
    Technical Director
  • Chief Information Officer
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Chief Security Architect
    Chief Security Officer
    Chief Technology Officer
    Cyber Security Analyst
    Cyber Security Architect
    Cyber Security Group Leader
    Cyber Security Manager
    Global IT Director
    Global IT Security Manager
    Global IT Security Risk Manager
    Group CISO
    Group Cyber Security Manager
    Group Head of Information Security
    Group Head of IT
    Group Information Security Officer
    Group Information Security Risk Manager
    Head of Cyber Security & Intelligence
    Head of Information Security
    Head of IT
    Head of IT Architecture and Security
    Head of IT Infrastructure &
    Information Security
    Head of IT Security
    Identity Management Manager
    Information Security & Compliance Manager
    Information Security Analyst
  • Architect
    Asset Managers
    Availability & Capacity Manager
    Business Analysts
    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Information & Technology Officers
    Data Centre Facilities Managers & Engineers
    Data Centre Managers & Directors
    Data Centre Project Managers
    Data Centre, Commercial Office Space & Operations Staff
    Design Engineer
    Finance Directors & Managers
    Information Technology & Infrastructure Managers
    Infrastructure Architect
    Infrastructure Consultant
    Infrastructure Directors
    Network Managers
    Network, Cabling, Communication Engineers & Integrators
    NOC, SOC & DOC Staff & Managers
    Operations Directors
    Project managers
    Purchasing Managers/Corporate Buyers,
    Server, Storage & Application Administrators & Storage Planners
    Server & Storage Architecture Manager
    System Managers
  • Data Architect
    Data Analyst/Consultant
    Data Analytics Manager
    Director of Analytics
    Data Analytics Architect
    Head of Analytics
    Data Scientist
    BI Development Manager
    BI Manager
    Head of Data and Analysis
    Head of Data
    Head of CRM
    Marketing Analysis Manager
    Chief Information Officer
    Chief Technology Officer
    Database Manager
    Data Management Practice
    Big Data strategy
    Solution Architects
    Enterprise Architects
  • Chief Security Officer
    DevOps Manager
    IT Manager
    Chief Executive Officer
    Head of Deployment & Delivery
    Lead Developer
    DevOps Engineer
    Infrastructure Operations Specialist
    Software Developer
  • Group IT Manager
    Head of Infrastructure
    Senior Technical Specialist
    Senior Technologist
    Architects Software Developers
    System Administrators or Sysadmins
    IT Directors
    Solution Architect
    Chief Information Officer
    Infrastructure Architect
    Enterprise Architect
89% of our audience influence purchase decisions within their business
40% of our audience are the main budget holder
80% are researching or implementing cloud technologies
25% of our audience are C-suite
40% of our audience is interested in cyber security

What's new - overview

  • Looking to generate between 50-500 new leads depending on stand size?
    At IP EXPO Europe we will work with your organisations to ensure effective lead follow up along with scanned data being provided on the same day and bespoke ROI reports.

  • Maximise your presence by booking a speaking slot in one of our theatres. Speaking not only gives you the opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership on your specialist area, it's also a great way to gather relevant leads as you will be given the contact details of everyone who attends your session (on average, 78 attendees per session)
    The Visitors Flock!
    There is often standing room only when speakers take the opportunity to launch new products, share solution success or give their informed view on strategies for tomorrow. Visitors attend theatres to hear expert opinion delivered in an engaging way. On average, 60% of a seminar audience visit the exhibition stand of the speaker for more information, delivering that all important personal interaction.
    Speaking slot cost £3000 ex VAT for a 30 minute session

  • We have a number of ways in which you can successfully raise your profile and generate leads at IP EXPO Europe.
    Associating your brand with something great!
            Event Sponsorship
            Bag Sponsorship
            Lanyard Sponsorship
            IP EXPO Europe Mobile App
            Printed Event Guide Sponsorship
            Bar Sponsorship
            Email Sponsorship
            Theatre Sponsorship

  • Forget your pre-conceptions about IT events....we did!
    At Imago we do things slightly differently.  Our operations team work hard to ensure they take the hard work out of the stand logistics on your behalf – still built to your specific requirements, with your branding, your messaging and your people.  We’re also big on ensuring we support you to market your presence pre-event and make full use of the Imago Academy. The Imago Academy is the ultimate guide for best practice event marketing – this unrivalled support programme ensures our exhibitors achieve the ROI they are looking for and are focused on driving new business opportunities.
    In addition :
    Visitors benefit from world class conference level content
    Exhibitors can remain focused on ROI, generating leads and booking meetings.
    We always provide designated networking areas, so exhibitors and visitors alike have more space to do business in a comfortable environment.
    Background (about us)
    Established in 2005, Imago Techmedia has lead the industry in generating leads and delivering ROI for the enterprise IT and tech sectors in the UK and across Europe. Our range of offline and online events, bring expert knowledge, technology and communication specialists and business leaders together and provide exhibitors, sponsors and visitors with an innovative, compelling and cost-effective experience.
    We excel in creating cutting-edge events that assist the industry in future proofing their IT and embracing the transition to a digital enterprise.
    Who We Are
    Owned by Clarion Events, Imago Techmedia is rapidly growing existing brands, launching into new markets and uniting the leading specialists, products and solution providers in enterprise IT and technology across the globe.
    To learn more about Imago Techmedia visit us at www.imagotechmedia.com or contact us on +44 (0)203 841 8510.

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