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Stand: D10

10Duke provides Single Sign-on, identity management, MFA and software licensing solutions for leading consumer and technology brands worldwide. Whether you’re looking to provide your customers with an SSO experience across your suite of applications, improve the way in which you license your software to your customers, or improve the way in which your employees connect to web-based apps through SSO, our products can help. They include:

10Duke Identity Provider - enables SSO for your customers accessing your applications using either their preferred email (direct login), company ID (domain login) or favourite social ID (social login).

10Duke Entitlements - software licensing and user entitlements as a service; GDPR compliance through full data audit & change tracking.

10Duke Identity Bridge - a cloud-based service that provides SSO for employees and contractors to seamlessly access cloud apps like Office365, Salesforce, Zendesk and more with their company username and password.

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White papers

Single Sign-on (SSO) For Your Employees
So, you keep hearing about SSO and how it can improve the efficiency and security of your business, but you’d like to know what this means in practice? Read on, this whitepaper has been written specifically for you.

10Duke-Whitepaper-Single_Sign-On_(SSO)_for_Your_Employees.pdf 1.67 MB

Modern Approaches To Software Licensing
Business doesn't stand still and traditional, key-based licensing solutions are coming up short in the face of today's sophisticated software markets. This whitepaper aims to cover the three major pitfalls of traditional software licensing solutions as well as introduce identity-based licensing.

10Duke-Whitepaper-Modern_approaches_to_software_licensing.pdf 3.98 MB