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Gospel Technology

Gospel Technology

Stand: H15

Gospel Technology is the leading software company in the enterprise blockchain space, fixing data sharing challenges for businesses needing to distribute critical information internally and externally with total security, trust, and control.

This approach allows organisations to prevent manual workarounds, eliminate data breaches, remove human errors, and stop accidental data loss. Companies are also realising that traditional IT infrastructures have degrading security profiles, lowering overall data integrity while the cost of maintaining these environments continues to increase. Financial information, confidential customer records, intellectual property, personal data, and other unstructured files are all at risk from this access/trust imbalance.

Gospel is an enterprise grade security platform, built on private permissioned blockchain, empowering enterprises with absolute trust.

The technology was recently described in a report by IDC as “the first practical enterprise application of blockchain”.

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Gospel Technology Seminars

  • Gospel: The blockchain platform for enterprise data Wed 3rd Oct 14:20 - 14:50

    Gospel: The blockchain platform for enterprise data

    Gospel are leading a revolution in how companies control access to their sensitive data beyond traditional siloed perimeters, utilising the power of distributed ledger technology.

    Learn how their technology allows secure granular visibilty of data using contextual access controls to determine who sees what information right across the ecosystem, creating true trust in your enterprise.

    Described by IDC as "the first practical application of blockchain for enterprise".


    Liam Jones

    Liam JonesMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 3rd Oct 14:20 to 14:50

    Identity & Privileged Access Management Theatre

White paper

Gospel Technology, Enterprise Blockchain: Beyond the Hype
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