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IP Performance

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IP Performance is a leading supplier of customised and complex network infrastructure and security solutions, backed by our 24-hour support centre. We supply and support organisations UK-wide with cloud and SDN/NFV solutions, network visibility/analytics technology, IPAM/DNS/DHCP solutions, URL filtering, virus management, next-generation firewalls, DDOS protection, server and application load-balancing, privileged user access management, network access control, wireless LAN, power management, logging/event management solutions plus high–performance routers and switches.

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White papers

Web 2.0: Open Season on Browsers
As dynamic rich media and user-generated content enhance the user experience on the Internet, the dangerous threats facing the enterprise network are becoming equally robust.

Barracuda_WP_PWSS_WP_OpenSeasonOnBrowsers.pdf 2.58 MB

Email Backup and Archiving - Solutions Guide Differences and Explanations
This document provides a summary of the three types of email storage solutions available using Barracuda Networks products and the different challenges each solution addresses.

BarracudaNetworks_WP_Email_Backup_and_Archiving.pdf 195.40 kB

Advancing CSP Video Strategies Through Quality of Experience and Analytics
This Technology Spotlight examines the role that video optimization, caching, and analytics play in enhancing quality of experience (QoE) while alleviating bandwidth costs and enabling differentiated service offerings.

IDC_Video-Spotlight_05-2013-pn.pdf 1.18 MB

Cyber Security Protection for CSPs
This paper will focus on one particularly promising telecom cloud service: cyber security. The opportunity here is for telecoms Service Providers to step up and become MSSPs or Managed Security Service Providers.

WP_TRI-Allot_Security-Services_ANON_publish1.pdf 908.86 kB

Evolution of Network Service Enablement Utilizing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
NFV defines a new architecture designed to overcome OpEx and TCO challenges by creating a network infrastructure leveraging standard virtualization technologies with standard commercial off-the-shelf servers, storage and switches.

WP_NFV_14-07-2013-pn.pdf 2.22 MB

Five Virtualization Pitfalls To Avoid
This document outlines the five most common pitfalls associated with wide scale adoption of virtualization and provide some insight as to how better management and visibility can help avoid these most common risks.

White Paper - 5 Virtualization Pitfalls to Avoid - Feb10.pdf 674.07 kB

Global Load Balancing with Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager
GLB is used to improve application response and service continuity for geographically-distributed users. Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager can provide a complete DNS-based GLB solution that provides Business Continuity and Improved Customer Experience.

White paper global-load-balancing.pdf 1.38 MB

Applying Data Center Infrastructure Management in Colocation Data Centers
Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) enables colocation providers to optimize every aspect of the IT and facilities infrastructure from physical and virtual inventory to power and cooling systems.

colo-wp-en.pdf 712.13 kB

Building a smarter network with IPAM
Build smarter virtual data centers and clouds and transition to IPv6 with IP Address Management (IPAM).

SolWP-BuildingSmarterNetworkwithIPAM.pdf 1.19 MB

Managing Microsoft® Windows® DNS and DHCP
Extending Windows DNS and DHCP Core Services with IP Address Management (IPAM).

SolutionWP-ManagingMSWindowsDNSDHCP.pdf 483.10 kB

Open, Manage, and Accelerate SSL Encrypted Applications
SSL ensures that data remains private from eavesdroppers, but it also makes a large and rapidly expanding percentage of WAN traffic opaque to network and security administrators. This white paper shows how to regain control with SSL-aware solutions.

bcs_wp_Accelerate_SSL_Encrypted_Applications_EN_5b.pdf (1).pdf 751.38 kB

Revolutionizing Advanced Threat Protection
The traditional threat protection paradigm is broken. It seems that every week another major company sees its reputation destroyed by a major data breach. This paper presents a new framework for defeating advanced cyberthreats.

bcs_wp_Revolutionizing_Advanced_Threat_Protection_EN_1b.pdf 2.73 MB

Agile Network Management: Keeping Up with Network Changes
EfficientIP’s NetChange automates a network administrator’s switch and device management responsibilities. With it, an administrator can centrally control an entire network’s configuration settings.

whitepaper-network-change-management-efficientip.pdf 177.71 kB

Strengthen the Foundation of Your Network
With network demands increasing every day, companies must apply new best practices to automate infrastructure reliability and security.

whitepaper-efficientip-idg-strengthen-network-foundation.pdf 252.08 kB

The ABCs of ADCs
The Basics of Server Load Balancing and the Evolution to Application Delivery Controllers.

FortiADC-ABCs.pdf 3.73 MB

Security in a Dangerous Time: Where Executives Focus Their Attention
For the second year in a row, addressing Advanced Threats is the top security priority for Executives according to IDG Research. With the constant stream of headlines, this is not a surprise.

FortinetQuickPulseCSO4152.pdf 999.15 kB

The New IP: Building the Foundation of Datacenter Network Automation
IDC Market Spotlight Report - Datacenter automation can deliver numerous benefits, including increased operational efficiency, improved business agility, faster time to opportunity and time to value, and lower operational expenditures.

TheNewIP_BuildingtheFoundationforDataCenterAutomation.pdf 313.69 kB