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Pure Storage

Pure Storage

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Pure Storage, the market’s leading independent solid-state array vendor, enables the broad deployment of flash in the data center. The company’s all-flash enterprise arrays offer significant performance and efficiency gains over mechanical disk, at a lower price point per gigabyte stored.

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Pure Storage Seminars

  • From Bytes to AI: Why it's all about the data lifecycle Wed 3rd Oct 11:00 - 11:30

    From Bytes to AI: Why it's all about the data lifecycle

    Advances in deep neural networks have ignited a new wave of algorithms and tools for data scientists to tap into their data with artificial intelligence (AI).

    - With improved algorithms, larger data sets, and frameworks such as TensorFlow, data scientists are tackling new use cases like autonomous driving vehicles and natural language processing.

    Data is the heart of modern deep learning algorithms.

    - Before training can even begin, the hard problem is collecting the labeled data that is crucial for training an accurate AI model. Then, a full scale AI deployment must continuously collect, clean, transform, label, and store larger amounts of data. Adding additional high quality data points directly translates to more accurate models and better insights.

    The goal of this session is to describe and make sense of all of the different ways that data engineers and data scientists ingest, process, and use data in a deep learning system, and then to focus on how a data architect can design the storage infrastructure to power a production AI pipeline.


    Dan Chester

    Dan ChesterMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 3rd Oct 11:00 to 11:30

    Access Plus: AI & Analytics Theatre

  • Top 5 Lessons Learned in Deploying AI in the Real World Wed 3rd Oct 15:40 - 16:10

    Top 5 Lessons Learned in Deploying AI in the Real World

    At Pure Storage, we have helped deploy number AI systems, including one of the world’s fastest supercomputers dedicated to AI and many of the world’s most recognized brands in autonomous cars.
    During our session, Joshua Robinson, a Data Scientist at Pure Storage will be sharing what we learned in working with these customers.


    Joshua Robinson

    Joshua RobinsonMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 3rd Oct 15:40 to 16:10

    Access Plus: AI & Analytics Theatre

White papers

Datasheet - Flash Array m
Transform IT. Who knew that all-flash storage could help reduce the cost of IT? FlashArray//m makes server and workload investments more productive, while lowering storage spend by up to 50%

Datasheet FlashArray__m.pdf 1.68 MB

Pure Storage Forever Flash
Imagine... ...storage that gets faster and more capable with age ...never having to repurchase your existing capacity ...never having to purchase software as you expand ...never having to forklift upgrade and migrate your data

Forever Flash Datasheet.pdf 398.49 kB

Pure1 Platform
A Single Cloud-Based Platform for FlashArray Management and Support

Pure1 Datasheet.pdf 586.87 kB