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activereach, a leading technology integrator providing bespoke IT solutions and professional services, is partnering with Akamai, the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform. The enterprise threat landscape is fast evolving. Digital transformation has had major implications for an enterprise’s attack surface and a corporate security perimeter no longer makes sense. Championing the Zero Trust architecture model, activereach and Akamai offer a cloud platform that can secure all enterprise applications and users and offer advanced threat protection from malware, phishing and data exfiltration. Visit us at www.activereach.net or follow us on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/activereach-ltd and Twitter @activereach.

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activereach Seminars

  • There is no inside: Why you need to move beyond perimeter based security. Thu 4th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    There is no inside: Why you need to move beyond perimeter based security.

    A number of digital transformation initiatives are forcing businesses to rethink their enterprise security architecture. With breaches on the rise, users increasingly mobile, and data and applications moving to the cloud, businesses have to consider whether traditional perimeter-based security approaches are even relevant. The enterprise security perimeter model doesn’t fit for today’s world. Whether you call it Zero Trust, CARTA, or BeyondCorp, a secure model to access on-premise, Iaas, and SaaS apps is the right approach for the future.


    Andrew Crail

    Andrew CrailMore

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    Thu 4th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

    Advanced Threat Prevention Theatre

White papers

A Guide to DDoS Mitigation & Testing: Part 1 – An introduction to DDoS attacks and mitigating them
An introduction to the threat of DDoS and the current state of mitigation technologies leading to a discussion of how companies can assess the risks associated with DDoS attacks, how to evaluate the various solutions, and how to test the effectiveness of their solution.

activereach_DDoS_Guide_2018_Part_1_V.2.pdf 968.58 kB

A Guide to DDoS Mitigation & Testing: Part 2 – Assessing the business risk posed by Distributed Denial of Service attacks
All UK business should understand the impact that a DDoS attack might have on their business. This practical guide to risk assessment examines the scope of impact of a DDoS attack, expected annual losses from a DDoS attack, and spend/activity required to mitigate resultant losses.

activereach_DDoS_Guide_2018_Part_2_V.2.3.pdf 200.67 kB

A Guide to DDoS Mitigation & Testing: Part 3 – Testing Distributed Denial of Service mitigation
This white paper focuses on the practice of DDoS testing – the controlled simulation of a real DDoS attack. We address many of the issues including the business case for DDoS testing, how to scale a test, what a DDoS test should include and the legality and ethics of DDoS testing.

activereach_DDoS_Guide_2018_Part_3.pdf 708.29 kB

Preparing for GDPR Compliance: A Technology Brief for Security & Privacy Practitioners
This guide helps security and privacy professionals understand the GDPR requirements and provides an independent perspective on the solutions available to help bridge the technology gap and the practical steps organisations should be taking to achieve compliance.

activereach-Preparing-for-GDPR-Compliance-v1.0.pdf 831.02 kB