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Cyber Threat Protection Theatre

Wed 3rd Oct 15:00 to 15:30

Thingbot Apocalypse: How to prepare for IoT attacks

It is projected that by 2035 there will be over 1 trillion Things connected to the internet. That’s 142 devices for every human on this planet. Despite cutting edge technology and exciting new use cases in fields such as medical care, smart homes and autonomous vehicles, these devices are routinely hacked. Since compromised IoT devices can be used to pivot inwards and attack an organisation’s internal network or, conversely, used to create a botnet to attack many organisations at once, IoT security affects all of us, whether we use personally use IoT or not.

Research by F5 Labs has shown that IoT attacks have been lurking in the shadows for longer than you might think and used to carry out far more than just crude denial of service attacks. Threat campaigns using IoT devices include data theft, fraud and cryptojacking. This talk will show you what devices are vulnerable, how IoT devices are found and then compromised, the trends in IoT based attacks, and how to plan for and defend against the rise of the Thingbots!


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