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Chris Brain

Company: Wunder

Job Title: Service Designer

Chris Brain

Chris is a very much a humanologist first, and a technologist second.

Passionate about people, passionate about the problems they experience and the problems they create; Chris thinks and talks about ‘digital’ as an enabling tool rather than solution.

Before joining Wunder, Chris worked in central government for over 17 years, moving around operational delivery, process and (traditional) service design roles before joining the cutting edge of the public sector’s ‘digital transformation’.

In his final role as a civil servant, Chris was lead User Researcher at the Department for Education, and assessed services across government against the digital service standard on behalf of GDS.

Chris’ energy, experience and passion position him as a highly-effective advocate for human-centred design, and as a credible authority on discovering users’ needs, agile delivery, and outcome-led methodology.

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Chris Brain Seminars

  • Preparing Digital Operations for Brexit with an Outcome-Led Approach Thu 4th Oct 13:00 - 13:30

    Preparing Digital Operations for Brexit with an Outcome-Led Approach

    You will struggle to find an enterprise-level organisation with international operations that isn’t contingency planning for the potential impact of Brexit right now.

    When preparing for change (digital or otherwise) during times of uncertainty, the biggest questions are “where do we start” and “how do we move forward?” Wunder’s experience has proven, time and time again, that focusing on outcomes first is the answer.

    In this session, Chris Brain shows how an outcome-led approach successfully helped a large, complex organisation with international reach prepare their digital operations for the potential effects of Brexit in just a few weeks.


    Chris Brain

    Chris BrainMore

    Time / Place

    Thu 4th Oct 13:00 to 13:30

    Full Stack Developer