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James Allerton-Austin

Company: Oracle

Job Title: Senior Director of Product Management PaaS

James Allerton-Austin

James Allerton-Austin leads the Product Management team in EMEA focused on Cloud Platform. Responsible for AppDev, Containers, Mobile, Blockchain and Integration, James serves as the primary representative for Cloud Platform Product Development for Oracle EMEA. As part of Oracle's Development team, he is responsible for driving strategy and adoption, as well as implementation and customer success.

An experienced event speaker, James is a regular invitee to speak at industry fora, at all levels from Keynote through to deep dive developer events covering a wide range fo subject matter, but always focusing on sharing experiences, both inside and outside Oracle from his career, distilling often complex subjects to their salient points . James is especially keen to listen to, and hear from the wider community about their plans, thoughts, projects and challenges, so that he can continue to learn, but also such that the technology under his stewardship can be actively guided to make the simple challenges in life simple to achieve quickly and the complex challenges, if not simple, possible to achieve.

James Allerton-Austin Seminars

  • Bringing Enterprise to the Blockchain - Moving from Science Experiment to Practical Business Mainstream Thu 4th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Bringing Enterprise to the Blockchain - Moving from Science Experiment to Practical Business Mainstream

    Blockchain is one of the most popular talking points in the IT industry today, with thousands of technical proofs, use-cases and experiments being planned and delivered to show the value of this technology. For all of this, when asked about production deployments of blockchain for the real enterprises of today, most of the proponents of this value will demur when it comes to talking production. Bridging this gap between science experiment and an enterprise quality platform for the modern business requires a great deal of work, much of which is done by the growing community of vendors who are collaborating to deliver not just the technical requirement and use-case solutions for blockchain, but also the practical tools to use blockchain in a meaningful way within a business. join this session to hear about the 5 key qualities that any practically usable enterprise blockchain will need to deliver and how the collaboration of enterprise vendors is making the practical use of Blockchain a reality for organisations in 2018.


    James Allerton-Austin

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    Time / Place

    Thu 4th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Keynote Theatre