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Neil Trevains

Company: Cisco

Job Title: MBCS, Solutions Architect, Data Centre and Cloud Technologies

Neil Trevains

Neil’s career spans over 25 years within the IT industry, with the vast majority of that time being spent in senior management roles.
He is a former Chief Technology Officer for two financial services businesses in the City of London, including IT responsibility for the largest revenue generating broking floor in the group. He joined Cisco three years ago, having spent four years as a director of a Cisco data center portfolio focused sales enablement consultancy.
Since joining Cisco, Neil has been responsible for advancing Cisco’s overall data center and hybrid cloud strategy within its UK partner and customer base.

Neil Trevains Seminars

  • How to embrace continual change in your IT infrastructure. Wed 3rd Oct 14:20 - 14:50

    How to embrace continual change in your IT infrastructure.

    The days of ‘big-bang’ changes in IT infrastructure are over. Operating in the digital world means you must embrace what McKinsey has dubbed ‘Perpetual Evolution’ with an approach that supports continual changes in your business processes and IT. Find out how to baseline your organisation’s current state, monitor the dynamic changes taking place, and assess their success with a platform that constantly learns, adapts and protects. From analytics, cloud-based management and containers, to microsegmentation and the zero-trust model, Cisco’s resident Solutions Architect Neil Trevains will give you insights from A to Z in Data Centre engineering for a multicloud world.


    Neil Trevains

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    Wed 3rd Oct 14:20 to 14:50

    Intelligent Networks