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Sam Warner

Company: Black Pepper Software Ltd.

Job Title: Software Developer

Sam Warner

Sam is a graduate of the University of Warwick. Currently, he helps make cool things happen with Black Pepper Software in his role as a software consultant. When he's not working (or nerding out over whatever side-project he's working on), he maintains a couple of open-source GitHub repositories for a learning-to-program platform, attend as many hackathons as he can cram into his life, play and watch sports, and solve Rubik's cubes as fast as he can.

Sam lives and breathes software, and is a huge believer in coding for social good! He loves chatting to anyone and everyone, hoping for new viewpoints to look at these problems from!

Sam Warner Seminars

  • Morality and Ethics - Caring is Everything Thu 4th Oct 14:20 - 14:50

    Morality and Ethics - Caring is Everything

    In software development, caring is everything. Of late, we've seen a wave of unethical tech plague our industry in ways we'd never thought it could. Are we just guns-for-hire developers? How do we prevent unethical technology spreading (and being made)?

    Spoiler: Awareness and diversity are key...


    Sam Warner

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    Thu 4th Oct 14:20 to 14:50

    Full Stack Developer