IP EXPO Europe 2018 - Akamai's Terry Greer-King will be speaking at IP EXPO Europe
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Terry Greer-King

Company: Akamai partnering with Activereach

Job Title: Director Enterprise Security - EMEA

Terry Greer-King

Terry Greer-King is the Director of Enterprise Security at Akamai. Having been at the forefont of the industry for the last 14 years, he is an acknowledged leader and authority on cyber security. Terry regularly engages with CIOs, major partners, service providers, and other key vendors in the IT Security space. He is a key spokesperson at industry events and in the press. Prior to joining Akamai, Terry was with companies like Cisco and Checkpoint holding key management positions.

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Terry Greer-King Seminars

  • There is no inside: Why you need to move beyond perimeter based security. Thu 4th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    There is no inside: Why you need to move beyond perimeter based security.

    A number of digital transformation initiatives are forcing businesses to rethink their enterprise security architecture. With breaches on the rise, users increasingly mobile, and data and applications moving to the cloud, businesses have to consider whether traditional perimeter-based security approaches are even relevant. The enterprise security perimeter model doesn’t fit for today’s world. Whether you call it Zero Trust, CARTA, or BeyondCorp, a secure model to access on-premise, Iaas, and SaaS apps is the right approach for the future.


    Terry Greer-King

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    Time / Place

    Thu 4th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

    Advanced Threat Prevention