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Yodit Stanton

Company: OpenSensors

Job Title: CEO

Yodit Stanton

Software and Data engineer working to help people understand their physical space, Yodit is currently growing OpenSensors. OpenSensors aggregates data from a variety of sensors for the next generation of smart Building Management Systems. Our dashboards help you make the most effective use of your office space. With experience in helping more than 100 companies to combine data from new workplace sensors seamlessly, interoperating it with existing and familiar mobile and desktop systems, we aim to give you a fully comprehensive overview.

Yodit Stanton Seminars

  • Ten Reasons Why Your IoT Project Will Fail Thu 4th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    Ten Reasons Why Your IoT Project Will Fail

    Successful IoT deployments are going to be transformational on team productivity. 

IoT will transform how teams and work groups operate by making their environments more responsive, how firms operate by allowing them to use their physical infrastructure more efficiently. Sensor networks are a means to greater self-awareness and responsiveness giving not only rooms, but buildings and cities more complex and intelligently reactive nervous systems.


    Yodit Stanton

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    Thu 4th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

    Access Plus: IoT