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7 top steps for you to have a successful day at IP EXPO Europe

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Getting the most from your 2 days is very important, these 7 steps will help you to get your exhibition strategy started or to fine tune it so that you can return to the office feeling inspired.

1. Goals.

Know why you’re attending: Are you looking for new solutions, do you want to network with industry pros, are you interested in learning about the top trends in the industry, or just looking for inspiration? (‘All of the above’ is an acceptable answer.)

Knowing what your main goals are will keep you from being seduced by booths, products, and presentations that aren’t a priority for you. Your exhibition time is limited, so choose wisely!

2. The basics.

Exhibitions are huge: You’ll be doing a lot of walking, exhibitors will hand you piles of literature and other goodies, and you’ll meet a tonne of people. That’s why we recommend you carry these basic necessities:

Comfortable shoes. I personally have walked 11 kilometres during an exhibition day - A comfortable pair of walking shoes is crucial.

Canvas bag. You’re sure to receive loads of literature and swag; while some exhibitors give away branded bags, it’s best to bring one just in case.

Business cards. Immediately connect with the people you meet and if you want to go digital, use LinkedIn. Another option is to use a digital business card app.

Notebook or digital device. For taking notes (or creating recordings) at the educational presentations and seminars.

Charger. Just in case your phone is running low in the middle of adding a contact or Live-Tweeting a presentation for your employees!

Snack. You’re hungry but the nearest snack venue is halfway across the exhibit hall...and you don’t have enough time before your next appointment for the long trek. Pack a granola bar to keep you going.

These items won’t take up too much space in your bag, purse, or pockets, and they’ll make your exhibition experience a lot more comfortable (and productive).

3. Appointments

To make sure the exhibitors you want to talk to most have time for you, schedule appointments with them ahead of time. Plan your days to make sure you get to talk to the suppliers you’re most interested in and attend the most relevant presentations.

Make use of IP EXPO’s Mobile App that lets you easily schedule appointments with the exhibitors that you want to talk to; you can meet them at their booths, or use one of the private meeting areas or lounges.

4. Your thinking cap.

Exhibitions are known for featuring presentations and training packed with valuable information. For example, IP EXPO Europe this year is offering short Round table sessions led by industry pros, a range of detailed roundtable sessions covering various IT areas of business to help understand how you can embrace a technological future. Plus Keynote speakers like Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Dr Hannah Fry and legendary author Andrew Keen.

Presentations like these can be as invaluable to your business as the tools and software you purchase on the exhibitor floor. Be sure to make time for them, and take notes to share with your employees back at the office.

5. Invite your employees / colleagues.

Bring along employees who can learn something from the show, and who can serve as a second set of eyes/ears. (Plus help carry all the swag.) Not to mention, you can split up and cover more ground that way. (You can invite a colleague once you have registered yourself).

6. Budget.

Bring your budget holder or decision maker so that they can experience the benefits of a potential investment first-hand. Alternatively, capture the demos exhibitors will be doing at their stands and via their seminars on video so you can share them in the office afterwards.

7. Be open minded.

While you should go to the show with a plan, be sure to leave enough time in your schedule to visit exhibitors you hadn’t considered who catch your eye—and keep an open mind to technologies and concepts you may not have heard of before. The perfect product or partner for your business may be in the very next booth!

Make sure you don’t miss out and join your industry colleagues at ExCel London on 3-4 October 2018 for the Enterprise IT event of the year!

To find out more about seminar sessions or any of the great features at the show please visit our website here

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