IP EXPO Europe 2018 - Achieve true DevOps by including the database
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Achieve true DevOps by including the database

Thursday 09 August 2018

By encouraging collaboration and teamwork, removing the barriers between development and operations, and introducing automation, DevOps speeds up software delivery and enables features to move from development into the hands of customers faster.

Getting a quote for your car insurance, ordering anything online, calling customer support, or any myriad of other actions are now improved and enabled by technology. In each case, introducing DevOps into the software development process, has been proven to accelerate the process, reduce errors, and give companies a competitive advantage.

But what about the database? Behind many of the applications that businesses rely on, there’s a database keeping a record of transactions, online behavior, and changes in customer data. When the application is updated, the database needs to be updated.

Companies are recognizing that the same DevOps processes that bring big benefits to the development of applications, also needs to be introduced to the development of databases, or they risk becoming a bottleneck in the delivery process.

There’s an additional – and timely – business benefit too. Data privacy regulations, along with the many stories about data breaches, have made data protection a topic for boardrooms.

By including the database in DevOps, you can embed processes to safeguard business-critical data. And to ensure compliance, you require a consistent and repeatable process designed with privacy in mind up front.

As a result, Redgate have created solutions which integrate with, and work alongside, the same infrastructure used for developing applications. Developers can work on updating applications and databases simultaneously, in the environment they’re already familiar with, and ensure the speed and efficiency that DevOps brings is incorporated.

If you’re undertaking a DevOps initiative, remember to include the database as well.

Don’t miss these sessions for more information. Or visit us at Stand D27.

DevOps, the database and the role of the DBA on Wednesday, 3rd of October at 11:00 in the DevOps Culture and Transformation Theatre, and
On Thursday 4th of October at 11:00 in the Full Stack Developer theatre,  we will be sharing 4 DevOps Principles for your cross-platform database team

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