IP EXPO Europe 2018 - Automating administration with baramundi Software
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Automating administration with baramundi Software

Wednesday 05 October 2016

baramundi is attending IP EXPO 2016 to showcase its latest innovations in endpoint management and security. As the performance and diversity of systems increases, so too do the system administration requirements – and IT department resources have been struggling to keep apace.

Without the tools to support them, IT administrators would find the ever-increasing innovation cycles almost insurmountable. Unified endpoint management solutions support the automation of routine jobs, provide greater transparency, save time and allow IT departments to remain in control of the systems in their company’s network.

Endpoint management: Distributing operating systems and software

Instead of going through a manual setup process or running a script, operating systems can now be installed on new PCs at the touch of a button. Hard drive formatting and partitioning, and selection of the required drivers are all completed automatically. Intelligent solutions use the native installation method of the OS manufacturer, ensuring that they are covered by the full warranty. Thanks to wake-on LAN and the automated detection of new PCs, it is even possible for PCs to be installed overnight.

Intelligent automation: Scheduling and self-service

Specific administration jobs can be scheduled in a targeted manner on individual PCs and groups of PCs at specific times; for example, within the maintenance windows agreed with different departments. The management software uses integrated licence management to install the licence keys for new software automatically and issues a warning if a predefined threshold of available licences is not met.

Up to date at all times: Automating updates and backups, protecting data

To ensure a high level of security, the various applications used in a company have to be kept up to date with all the latest patches. Operating system patches also require swift installation. Manually checking and importing this many updates would be virtually impossible. The automation solution is a big help here: by listing the available patches, the administrator can then choose to distribute these to the required systems automatically or interactively.

Keeping track: Inventory management and licence cost optimisation

Automated inventory maintenance provides a swift and precise way to keep track of all the hardware and software that is currently in use at a company. In addition to providing an up-to-date record for the purposes of management reporting, it also enables the detection of potentially unwanted applications, which can then be uninstalled via the central administration solution.

Keeping pace with new developments: Migration automation

Migrations present a major challenge that, given Microsoft’s rapid release strategy, companies will have to face with increasing regularity. For example, the end of support for Windows XP is imminent with no further security patches provided for this widespread operating system from April 2014.

Employees on the go: Managing mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets have become accepted tools in the workplace. These devices also require successful administration. Unfortunately, administration solutions for PCs are not able to manage the operating systems of mobile devices. There are a great many different devices and OS versions on the market. Moreover, the risk of losing one of these small mobile devices, together with all the company information and permissions stored on it, is significantly higher than with laptops.

Selecting an automation solution

Selecting a unified endpoint management solution is a strategic decision. All the solutions under consideration should be subjected to a period of thorough testing prior to making the final decision. To hear more, please do drop by the baramundi Software stand at booth EE15 at IP Expo!