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Clearing Up Cloudy Confusion

Friday 29 September 2017


Cloud, cloud, cloud, it can feel like you can’t go five minutes without someone saying something about cloud, and we don’t mean the fluffy ones in the sky. But, with so many cloud options available, it can lead us to having a clouded view of what option is best for business. 

Firstly, when we think of cloud, we often refer to the public cloud. The public cloud is where those resources and applications we feel like we can’t live without are hosted. For most users, public cloud provides the most viable options. Utilising public cloud is inexpensive to set up, because the provider covers hardware, application and bandwidth costs.

However, as the ongoing worries around cloud security fail to dissipate, many organisations are choosing to focus on private cloud instead. As the infrastructure behind it is owned by the organisations itself, it enables teams to gain the benefits of cloud architecture - scalability, flexibility and automation for example - while still maintaining control over the data centre it runs on, along with the associated security, data privacy, and compliance. But this brings with it a fairly hefty price tag.

So how do you choose? With cloud, as with all technologies, It’s important to realise that one size doesn’t fit all, and some business models and workflows are better suited to some cloud systems rather than others. However, according to a Microsoft report on the Sate of the Hybrid Cloud, over 80 percent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy.

Hybrid cloud is a blend of a public-cloud provider and a private-cloud platform. It combines the best of both public and private. By using a hybrid approach, companies can maintain control of an internally managed private cloud while relying on the public cloud as needed.

So whether it’s public, private or hybrid - it’s all about finding the best cloud option for your business. Come to IP EXPO Europe 2017 to find out more about the next generation of cloud solutions for enterprises. 

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