IP EXPO Europe 2018 - Cloud -- Solving the Challenges of Storage
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Cloud -- Solving the Challenges of Storage

Wednesday 01 August 2018

One of the buzz phrases in the tech media that annoyed me incredibly over the years was “storage is cheap”. I have never known business-class storage to be cheap. If I wanted reliable and redundant storage, it was maybe a RAID array in a server, a NAS, or a SAN, and the more scalability you wanted, the higher the cost per terabyte was. And sadly, that’s still true for on-premises capacity.

Cloud vendors such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft approach storage differently, using commodity hardware with software to add intelligence, performance, and resilience. With their huge scales, these companies can acquire and provide storage at incredibly low levels, for as little as €0.0017 per GB with Microsoft Azure (the regular online price for Block Blob archive-tier storage) – that’s just over €2000 for 100 TB over one year!

With such huge and economical capacities available, the cloud can offer some interesting solutions to solve storage challenges with existing investments in IT, before you even consider a migration or “digital transformation”.

The simplest of the solutions to consider is online backup, which is a pretty mature concept today. An on-premises backup solution can protect virtual machines and other assets with local backup storage for short-term retention. The cloud can offer additional & economical storage for off-site and longer-term retention, and this can be easily added with the right backup solutions.

Disaster recovery remains a challenge for small and large businesses. The cloud offers a software-defined pay-as-you-go option that is affordable to all, leveraging low cost storage, automation systems, and heavily used replication technologies.

On-premises storage will remain until systems are migrated to the cloud, if ever, and will consume ever-growing amounts of disk. But is all of that data needed today?

Is most of it required purely for retention reasons? If so, tiered storage solutions that seamlessly link file server/SAN storage with the cloud can migrate the cold data to the cloud for you, shift responsibilities for backup/DR to the cloud, and reduce capital and operational costs.

To find out more, Aidan Finn, Azure MVP will be speaking at IP EXPO Europe on Wednesday 3rd October at 1.40pm in the Storage, Hyperconvergence and Backup theatre. There, he will discuss the challenges of storage and offer a map to Azure storage to learn what each offering is and when it works best. 

Register now for IP EXPO Europe at www.ipexpoeurope.com and make sure you visit Altaro on stand F8 during the show.

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